Professor Hoyle: Brains, balls and cash.

Steven Hawking: I’m sorry?

Professor Hoyle: Physics, in this country it’s a battlefield — and a bloody one; You need brains which’d ought to be enough but it isn’t cause you need cash to fund whatever your brain is working on. And to get cash out of anyone in this country, you need balls because they’ll try and stop you…You’ll see.


Hawking, staring Benedict Cumberbatch

(via holmesianthought)

(via holmesianthought)

Let's have dinner...

Irene Adler: I’m not hungry, let’s have dinner.
Irene Adler: Bored in a hotel. Join me. Let’s have dinner.
Irene Adler: John’s blog is HILARIOUS. I think he likes you more than I do. Let’s have dinner.
Irene Adler: I can see tower bridge and the moon from my room. Work out where I am and join me.
Irene Adler: I saw you in the street today. You didn’t see me.
Irene Adler: You do know that hat actually suits you, don’t you?
Irene Adler: Oh for God’s sake. Let’s have dinner.
Irene Adler: I like your funny hat.
Irene Adler: I’m in Egypt talking to an idiot. Get on a plane, let’s have dinner.
Irene Adler: You looked sexy on Crimewatch.
Irene Adler: Even you have got to eat. Let’s have dinner.
Irene Adler: BBC1 right now. You’ll laugh.
Irene Adler: I’m thinking of sending you a Christmas present.
Irene Adler: Mantelpiece.
Irene Adler: I’m not dead. Let’s have dinner.
Sherlock Holmes: Happy New Year
Irene Adler: Goodbye Mr Holmes